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Meet the Horses 


Nameless came home on June 10, 2016.  He is a BLM-branded mustang whom I rescued from a kill pen with the help of Tami Augustyn’s BLM Mustang Rescue Network. He dove right into the grass. He's nothing but a pony (measures 12.3 h.h. with a level stick).  He was the second-skinniest horse I had ever seen in my life (the skinniest one died three days later, despite our best efforts). This one had not one, not two, but THREE glue spots on him, from sale tag numbers, and his Coggins was dated clear back last Sept. 2015, which led me to believe he has been bouncing from sale to sale all over the Deep South for the past nine months, and not even the kill buyers would bid on him, there was so little to him.


No wonder he is so deeply depressed. Ugly and pitiful and useless as he looked upon first arrival, he quickly proved he wasn’t, and isn’t --  and so I named him “Priceless”, because no one had put a price on him.  He is putting on weight quickly and learns even more quickly. It took twenty minutes to catch him out of the pasture the first time I tried.  Then he joined up in only his second free-longeing lesson, and catching him is no longer any issue whatsoever. Of course his learning to like the taste of horse cookies has had a little something to do with that! He’s almost fat enough already (July 3, 24 days after arrival) to find out what he knows about being saddled.


Am I selfish to say I probably will never place him?  I just can't stand the idea of his ever getting bounced around like that again. It will have to be a very, very, very special home! Someone who proves they are beyond trustworthy.  Are there beyond trustworthy people left out there?  Somewhere?  Because this horse is -- and you will have to match that.

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