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How You Can Help

Because we are a non-profit organization, the horses we save rely heavily on help from caring animal lovers - just like YOU! There are many ways you can help to contribute to Warriors of the Rainbow and save a horse in need.






All contributions (including memberships and sponsorships) towards Warriors of the Rainbow Horse Sanctuary are fully tax-deductible.



No particular level of horse experience is required to volunteer at the Sanctuary.  New volunteers are always welcome! Please email us or call to start volunteering now.

Become a Member

Memberships entitle the members to an annual membership pin, riding privileges on those horses which are currently suitable, voting privileges at the biennial meetings, and a free subscription to the Warriors of the Rainbow Horse Sanctuary, Inc. Newsletter.  Members are also entitled to a 10% discount on merchandise advertised on the website and for admission to all Warriors of The Rainbow Horse Sanctuary, Inc. events. Click here to become a Member.


Sponsor a Horse

Sponsorships of individual horses are available for $20 per year. Sponsors are entitlted to unlimited training/riding sessions with the horse they choose to sponsor. They will also receive quarterly blogs and photographic updates on “their” horse. The primary difference between sponsorships and memberships is that sponsors are entitled to work with a single horse, whereas members may work with all horses (personal skill levels permitting).

Click here to Sponsor a Horse.


Adopt a Horse

Rescued horses, once rehabilitated, will be adopted out to new homes on a contract basis, and to pre-approved facilities only. Our rigorous adoption process ensures that all horses are placed in safe and loving homes. If you are interested in adopting a horse, please review our Adoption Checklist and our complete list of Policies.



Any monetary donation - now matter how small - can truly make a difference for the horses in our care.

Click here to Donate Now.

Reporting Animal Abuse

If you have witnessed a horse suffering neglect or abuse, click here.


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