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Meet the Horses 


Bennett has been with us twice. He first came when he was around eight years old because his owner (an incredibly talented artist and the dear soul who first saved Wild Eyed Ben by donating him to ReRun Org, the organization from which I originally adopted him)  developed breast cancer,  and the chemotherapy was making her so weak she felt she could not give Bennett proper care.  We totally enjoyed having him here, but after she had beat the cancer, I began to feel guilty keeping her horse from her, and so I sent him back to Kentucky.  Now, eight years later, with Bennett now sixteen,  his owner has made the decision to send him back to us, in support of our mission,  and because we took such good care of her Ben until his death at the ripe age of thirty.  She wants Bennett to be a Sanctuary resident and live out his life here, as Ben did, teaching new volunteers how to be superb horse owners.  We are so gratified and honored at her trust!  The volunteers are all ecstatic over having such a big, handsome, gentle, and well-schooled horse to ride!  Come out and volunteer; you could ride him yourself!








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