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I named Halcyone after my ballet mistress, Halcyone Perlman, of Columbia, MO.  I took ballet from her from the time I was four until I was sixteen, when she told me I had to quit riding, it was ruining my turnout (guess which I quit, instead.  I remember watching in amazement as she, herself, nevertheless purchased a horse, years later!)  I named Halcyone that because she moves like a ballet dancer, and also because she has a big  brand “H” on her hip.   I believe brands are registered somewhere; I should probably get around to looking it up.  I could find out more about her history. 

She is a registered Quarter Horse; on her papers, her registered name is “Badgers Grey H Power”.  She is a Cee Booger Red, Shislers Hancock bred mare.  They both go back to pretty famous horses, (Three Bars and King/Joe Hancock. respectively) but way back.  She is fourteen years old.  She acted like she had never been touched.  She was hard to catch and suspicious once you did have her on the lead.  She has improved by leaps and bounds, however; we are already longeing her under saddle calmly with relatively few (and far between!) works.  I just need some brave new little volunteer, now, to fall in love with her, and be the first on her back.  She may be up for adoption, or she may be good enough we will just keep her here, at Sanctuary forever, to be a school horse.  Time will tell!



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