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Meet the Horses 

The Bonnie Princess Obsidian

The Bonnie Princess Obsidian is an aged black Tennessee Walker mare who came to us from a woman who rescued her five years ago from a man who “always rode her too hard and put her up wet”.  In the five years this kind Samaritan owned her, she still couldn’t put a whole lot of weight on her, so she had christened her “Bony”.  (The man before had called her “Princess”.)  I can’t bring myself to call any horse “Bony”, so one of the volunteers suggested we should morph that to “Bonnie”.  One of the 4-Hers wanted to name her something honoring how black she is, and so suggested “Raven”.  The only problem with that is, we already have a “Raven”, in that my personal horse (whom I now call “Cloudline”, in honor of the hunt club from which I purchased him) is actually registered with the Jockey Club as “Raven Mission”.  How they came up with Raven Mission, or what that is supposed to mean, I have no idea.  I wonder if maybe they meant “Raving Missile”, instead, and just didn’t know how to spell real well?  “Raving Missile” makes a little more sense, for a racehorse, maybe?  At any rate, for blackness, I like “Obsidian”; we can call her “Siddie”, for short.  So, now safe at Sanctuary, we have the “Bonnie Princess Obsidian”.  And a bonnie princess indeed, she is proving to be!

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