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Meet the Horses 
Cattle Baron

Cattle Baron is a 21 year old American Saddlebred gelding who arrived from another Rescue.  Originally obtained with about a body condition of 2 (extremely starved), all the "heavy lifting" had been done, and he was at an acceptable weight when we got him.  (See photos on our Facebook page of my grandkids riding him.)  He had been adopted out, but in his new home, he bothered the cattle too much, and so he had to be returned.  They were calling him "Cat", but I thought that sounded too feminine.  As a saddlehorse,  the "peacock of the show ring", he needed something much  more regal sounding.  Since he had  kept gathering up a herd of cattle, "Cattle Baron" seemed an appropriate fit!  He was spectacular for us under saddle the first year.  Now he has developed a touch of navicular in his left front foot.  But the corrective shoeing and the Cavallo booties seem to be doing their magic (see video, taken in October of 2021).  Although bay, he possesses a striking silver tail.  Someone suggested to me it may have been that the breeders were trying to obtain Spotted Saddlehorses, as a tail with that coloration may be indicative of pinto blood.  Since he didn't come out colored, that may have induced them to throw him away.  Color should be the last consideration in determining a horse's worth!!!  Baron is certainly a worthy horse, spots or no spots.

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