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Meet the Horses 

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue, a double-registered BLM Mustang and ICHO Curly,  was named that because she is a blue roan (some would argue red, and they may be correct) and the opportunity to obtain her arose pretty much out of the blue.  A private message late on a Saturday evening came onto my Facebook page, frantic that there were two Curlies being auctioned off in Alabama, at risk of going to kill.  I messaged back that I'd love to help, but I am located in Missouri, not Alabama.  This friend of Curlies instructed me how to sign up for the auction on-line, and an employee at the auction house, whom I reached by telephone, walked me through the process.  I took it as a sign that at the exact same moment my application was approved, and the video feed went live on my home computer, this Curly filly was being ridden in to the ring.  The auction house was poorly lit,  so the video didn't show how terribly underweight or undersized she was.  Auctions proceed so rapidly you have but a few moments to decide.  I intended only to bid her up to a safe price, above what a kill buyer might pay.  As it so happened I had just been to a local horse auction the previous week because a novice friend had wanted to obtain some tack inexpensively and wanted me to come along to "vet" it and make sure it wasn't cheap and poorly made as well as just being inexpensive!  So,  I felt I had some idea of what the kill price ceiling might be.  Apparently not -- she was sold to me -- but I don't regret it for an instant.  Even though I had to purchase her with my own private funds, because the Warriors treasury happened to be exhausted right then (this may be a blessing in disguise, because now I can ask whatever price I may choose, once her schooling is through).  Mark my words, she is going to make some FANCY, FANCY hunter pony, and win some delighted little girl -- true to her namesake --ALL BLUES!

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