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Meet the Horses 

American Glory *Grazing in Heaven*

American Glory was the first BLM Mustang I ever adopted from the wild.  She became a fabulous riding horse for my stepson Jimmy, and after he went away to college, she was leased by a friend’s daughter. Ultimately, that family bought her as a Short Stirrup Children’s Hunter (at which she excelled) and when THAT child went away to college, Glory came home to me again.


I foxhunted her for awhile, and a local Pony Club had another little girl who wanted to learn jumping and she fell in love with the quiet black mustang who jumped every fence just exactly the same and would never refuse and would never launch, and never, ever chip.  So, off Glory went showing Short Stirrup, again.

At the end of her life, she was donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, for a little child in Colorado who had cancer, because that child wished for a horse.  And the cancer was beaten, the child is alive today -- I like to think, with Glory's help.


As you can see, rescuing a mustang has been both a financially and an emotionally rewarding experience for me.  Thus, I believe very strongly it could be for you, too!  Currently we have 3 BLM Mustangs at the Sanctuary, some of whom are already titled.  Come try the horse with which the American Wild West was tamed.  Take a ride on the wild side! Bet you won’t go back.

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